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Driss Chraibi Quotes
Brief author info: Driss Chraibi (1926-2007) Moroccan writer. Literary innovator; best-known member of the "Generation of 54" (group of young novelists who revolutionized Moroccan literature); first novel, Le Passe Simple, was banned in Morocco until 1977, but influence was widely felt. Controversial for refusal to blame problems of contemporary Morocco on colonialism alone.
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Had there only been the protectorate and colonialism, everything would have been simple. Then my past, our past, would have been simple. No, Mr. Sartre, hell isn't others. It is also in ourselves.
And when not a bone or a tooth of my people survives, you, you will live on. You, my earth. No one will conquer you. No one will kill you.
We are slowly going to appropriate their vigor and then their life. Very slowly. We have time!
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