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George F. Will Quotes
Brief author info: George F. Will (1941- ) American writer, editor, commentator.
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The people who flood our living-rooms with a smorgasbord of commercial messages about fetid breath, moist underarms and troubled intestines know this: an appropriate time, place and manner to sell a product is any that sells the product.
Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.
There is an aura of changelessness to sport. There is the flux of competition, but it occurs within the ordering confinement of clear rules.
All children find chaos congenial. Any unruliness, even by nature, advances the child's program of subverting authority.
Man is messy, but any creature that can create space vehicles can probably cope.
The Revolution's most important result was Napoleon, whose most important result (as France learned in 1871, and again in 1914, and again in 1940) was the invention of Germany
History is spread across this country as evenly as honey on toast.
Nationalism is blamed for this century's wars, but nationalism need not mean militarism. And the nation-state has been the laboratory of liberty.
Most presidents come to Washington bright as freshly minted dimes and leave much diminished.
Commercial society regards people as bundles of appetites, a conception that turns human beings inside out, leaving nothing to be regarded as inherently private.
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