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Hsun-tzu Quotes
Brief author info: Hsun-tzu (298-238 b.c.e.) Chinese philosopher (Xun zi; Hsun Ching [Xun Ching]) Confucian philosopher; diametrically opposed to philosophy of Mencius; emphasized that human nature is originally evil and that social control is vital. Disciples aided in unification of China in 221 b.c.e. under tyrannical Chin dynasty.
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One must remember equality, yet also be aware of difference, for if the people are allowed to act as it pleases them without coming up against displeasure, if one gives rein to its desires without setting [any] limit, it becomes confused and can no longer take delight in anything.
If there is no dull and determined effort, there will be no brilliant achievement.
The nature of man is evil; what is good in him is artificial.
If you wish to see the thousand years, look at today; if you wish to understand the millionfold, then look at the one or the two.
Men of all social stations live together: they are equal in their desires, yet vary in their methods; the) are equal in their passions, yet different in their intelligence; that is their nature-given vitality.
Sacrifice is a state of mind in which our thoughts turn with longing [toward Heaven, the Ancestors], It is the supreme expression of loyalty, love, and respect.
Misery is evil; quarreling, a misfortune. There is only one possibility of avoiding both: a clear division of society. [Otherwise] the strong tyrannize the weak, the intelligent frighten the stupid, the inferior resist the superior, and the young mock the old.
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