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Roman Baldorioty de Castro Quotes
Brief author info: Roman Baldorioty de Castro (1822-1887) Puerto Rican politician A leader of the Autonomist Party (against Spanish colonial rule); arrested in 1887 for his views; health was broken by the imprisonment; died shortly after release. Also known as a social progressive, abolitionist, and educational reformer.
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Government cannot kill the liberty to think. The idea, the thought, lives forever.
The weight of great power crushes the goodness of the man who rules and the honesty of those who are ruled.
The sky is dark. But to understand something is to give light. Those who deny liberty to the slaves may have white skins, but their consciences are blacker than the skin of the Negro.
It is good to preserve the name, wealth, and honors you inherit, but it is better in every way if you yourself create a position and a name. The first requires good sense, but the second demands willpower and great virtue.
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