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Ron Parrish Quotes
Brief author info: Ron Parrish (20th-21st) 20th/21st century American missionary and clergyman.
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At the point that we give our life (to God), we gain it.
It isn't as important to name one of God's gifts as to use it.
Discern what God is doing and be a part of it.
God often has a different mission than we have.
Christ is the treasure in my clay pot.
Jesus had a sinner-friendly attitude.
It's God's heart that you walk as people who are loved.
We are all called to the ministry.
You are a sent one.
in Richard Wightman Fox, Reinhold Niebuhr, Ch. 12. Prayer said to have been first published in 1951., make me a vessel for you from which others might drink.
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