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Samuel C. Florman Quotes
Brief author info: Samuel C. Florman (20th-21st) 20th/21st century American engineer, writer.
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... engineering is a basic instinct in man, the expression of which is existentially fulfilling.
... man cannot help but transcend himself as soon as he begins to design and construct.
... the ancient joy of helping the tribe to survive is constantly rekindled in the engineer's heart.
... the elementary pleasure of solving technical problems.
The engineer's power was usually limited to a refusal to endorse a given plan, or to the tender of his resignation.
Knowledge gives a wider choice and more anguish.
All about us the sense of disenchantment with technology appears to be growing. No one ... can ignore the fall of the engineer from the dizzying heights he once occupied... . with the coming of the environmental crisis, our relationship to society has changed. We cannot ... pretend that ... a hundred space spectaculars can restore things to what they were.
... it is clear that our survival and the salvaging of our environment are dependent on more technology, not less.
There is scarcely a technical issue for which you cannot find expert witnesses of differing opinions.
We all have ambivalent feelings toward work ... We try to avoid it, and yet we seem to require it for our emotional well-being.
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