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Spiritual Deadness Quotes
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Shame on the soul, to falter on the road of life while the body still perseveres.
It's extraordinary how we go through life with eyes half shut, with dull ears, with dormant thoughts. Perhaps it's just as well; and it may be that it is this very dullness that makes life to the incalculable majority so supportable and so welcome.
It takes so many years To learn that one is dead.
Most persons have died before they expire-died to all earthly longings, so that the last breath is only, as it were, the locking of the door of the already deserted mansion.
It is nothing to die; it is frightful not to live.
The only true infidelity is for a live man to vote himself dead.
To live a life half dead, a living death.
To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.
The worst evil of all is to leave the ranks of the living before one dies.
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