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Never have your wife in the morning - the day may have something better to offer.
Never mistake asthma for passion, and vice versa.
Never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television.
Never eat a heavily sugared doughnut before you go on TV.
Never play cat and mouse games if you're a mouse.
Never request that he sleep in the wet spot.
Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do.
Never make a defence or apology before you are accused.
Never take a solemn oath. People think you mean it.
Never appeal to a man's 'better nature'. He might not have one.
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Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
Funny Quote
Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.
Wise Quote
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
Relationship Quote
Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right - instantly.
Life Quote
Count your age by friends, not years Count your life by smiles, not tears.
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